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PC bar Parameter

Application:concrete pipe pile in port,foundation or high-rise building.
Raw material:low alloy steel
Tensile strength:1470-1860Mpa

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Main characteristics:
The bending strength is 1275 MPa, tensile strength is 1422 MPa, elongation is good (d8 '5%); The surface has cyclical change vestige (3 ~ 6 spiral grooves), has good grip wrapped force with concrete, has good bonding properties. Adopted the low carbon steel, with good spot welding performance. Use PC steel bar weave cage, it was convenient to adopt the automatic welding process to produce mixing concrete pipe pile. Have good upset forging performance, used in the field construction, can make roll silk; When pre-tensioned as a whole, anchor is extremely convenient. PC steel bar is rolled up in elastic range, so finished products can loose automatically. The product through a variety of strict physical and chemical test, is spiraling steel and building wire alternative products.

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