Henan kaiyuan Metal Products Co.,LTD is a large-scale private enterprise mainly producing PC strand(Prestressed Concrete Strand),PC Wire(Prestressed Concrete Wire),PC bar(Prestressed Steel Stick) and PE coated PC strand(Unbonded Prestressed Steel Strand ) series products.The quality of prestressed products is in line with domestic and international standards of GB/T5224-2003,ASTM A416/A416M-02,and BS5896.The products are main material for post tension engineering,widely used in railways,highways,cross-river bridges,cross-sea bridges,industrial constructions,water conservancy facilities,energy and geotechnical engineering anchorage and other areas.

The company is a high-tech enterprise which passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification and won six national patents right.

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PC strand

PC strand

Prestressed Concrete strands : executive standard GB/T5224. Mainly used to make large, me...
Unbonded PC strand series

Unbonded PC strand series

Unbonded PC Strand JG161-2004 executes the standard of JG161—2004. It has the advan...
PC wire

PC wire

PC wire: executive standard GB/T5224. Mainly used to make large, medium, small sizes pres...
PC bar

PC bar

Main characteristics: The bending strength is 1275 MPa, tensile strength is 1422 MPa, ...
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