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  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series
  • Unbonded PC strand series

Unbonded PC strand series Parameter

Application:Construction building,highway,railway
Raw material:77B or 82B

Structure:1x3 or 1x7 wire
Surface:PE/PVC coated
Standard:ASTM A416,BS 5896,EN 10138,JIS-G3536,AS 1311-1987

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Unbonded PC Strand JG161-2004 executes the standard of JG161—2004. It has the advantage of waterproof, moisture resistant, corrosion resistant, impact resistant, good lubrication, less friction drag, anti-wear, high toughness without deformation in set temperature range etc. This product is applicable to cast-in-place concrete of long-span and wide buildings, prefabricated beam and other construction like bridge, dam, silo, pool, tower body, Ground Anchorage etc. It is featured with no grouting, easy operation, saving in material and good flexibility.

Usage notes:

1,This product is suitable for coil transportation, using nylon sling in transportation and handling. With careful load and unload, cast and drag is forbidden, as well as the damage with sharp materials.

2,According to different standard, stacking the steel wire in coil with related labels in draughty storage. Placing in heated site is forbidden when storing in the open. Waterproof cloth is necessary without direct contact with ground. The weight per pile does not pass 10,000kg with 2,000kg/plate.

3,Using abrasive wheel cutting machine while cutting the wires. Necessary protection to the jacket is needed during cutting, transportation and installation of the steel wire. Light breakage need fixing. Abandon the product if heavy damage happens.

4,The sealing work between steel wire and anchorage shall be guaranteed in exposed conditions.
User can use sealing device or twining PE adhesive tape on the steel strand to keep the steel wire and anchorage in full oil sealing condition.5,Keeping the steel wire out of high temperature circumstance. Not being influenced by welding spark or earth current.6,The accessories like anchorage, fixer and connector shall accord with the standard of the product JGJ85—20027,Usage of the product shall accord with the standard of non-bounded prestressed concrete construction technical regulation JGJ/T92.
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