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Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

We are professional manufacturer,founded in 2010 June.Kaiyuan company mainly produces the prestressed steel strand,steel wire,steel rod and unbonded prestressed steel strand four major series of products,products widely used in railway,highway,cross river cross sea bridge,large industrial buildings,water,energy and rock and soil anchoring and other fields.The company covers an area of 100000 square meters,construction area of 58000 square meters,plans to invest 600000000yuan,after the completion of an annual output of up to 350000 tons,accounting for 12% of the national market share.
Kaiyuan company is equipped with four professional advanced production lines.These four lines can produce different diameters at the same time though 15.24mm is our standard product.The production rate is high.

How about your PC strand quality?

 PC strand is a key strength material for the concrete engineer so it is about the life of the project.Once the strength of the project is less than design or disappear quickly,it will cause big disaster so our state always controls strictly the lisence of production about this kind of industrial products.We production scale, the equipments,final products etc.must meet the standard to  achieve the production lisence.At the same time,we have to pass the China state quality test every year.Producing qualified products is the responsibility of our industrial material producer!

How is your QC department doing in your company to fix the quality?

 All of our products hold the ISO and QC certificate.Our material of steel wire is bought from China big steel mill with high quality assurance.At the same time,our QC department will test the mechanical properties by random sample per batch.And our production person will take sample during wiredrawing process and stranding process to test and the mechanical properties will be recorded.Further more our QC person will take at least one sample of final coil products to do the mechanical properties test and these final test data will be fill in the Inspection Certificate which will be attached to the final products coil so that customer can know the test data clearly.

How long can you delivery the products

Generally,we can delivery the products within 15days.15.24mm pc strand is our strandard specification so we are dispatching over 200tons per day so we can delivery soon.For other diameter like 12.7mm or 9.53mm etc.,we will confirm the delivery date based on our material stock condition.